Saturday, April 19, 2008

I started this blog because I firmly believe that the present organization and structure of the United Nations can no longer be representative of the New World Order in the 21st Century. I intent to setup an informal parallel organization that will be free from the power politics of yesteryear's, money politics, size politics, and ethnocentric politics. This new organization will recognize all 'Humanity as One Human Race' and strife to transcend the political and cultural divides that have essentially made the current United Nations ineffective in carrying out the duties of the most important global organization. The aim is not to replace the United Nations as it is still useful in many other ways, but to provided an alternative perspective.

As I am Singaporean, and therefore I will be the first self declared representative from that country. There will be three members from each country; a man, women and youth(35 and below) of three different faiths or cultural background. I would like to invite members from all nations from the world and we will all have one equal vote on issues that matters to the future of this planet. The very first membership will be determined by me on a first come first serve basis. The first group of three representative from each country will then debate and create a system for membership renewal and setting up of an official website registered as 'The Real United Nation'

We will debate and decide on current issues at the UN or originate new issues that we feel are important for the future of the world.